Climate protection concepts

In the research cluster "climate protection concepts" long-term climate protection concepts are developed for different target groups and scientifically supported in their implementation. The concepts are developed especially for municipalities, corporations and businesses.

Especially for the development of local climate protection concepts integrated approaches are used with the aim of including all sectors and key players into the process. For the development of the concepts emphasis is put on participatory approaches to ensure a high level of acceptance of the results and to increase the chance of implementation of climate protection measures to the highest possible level. The involvement of key actors from civil society in the development of local climate protection concepts is another important cornerstone of the approach.

In the area of climate protection concepts for businesses not only individual technical-economical concepts are developed but proactive strategic business plan are created. In dependency of the development of external factors, like the climate orientated policy measures, intermediate steps for climate protection measures based on a long term climate protection vision of the company are developed.