Thermal Energy Systems

The research cluster "Thermal Energy Systems" focuses on the role of individual systems and technology concepts of thermal energy technologies in current and future energy supply systems. Examples of such systems are solar thermal power plants, compressed air storage power plants, systems for combined heat and power or other advanced heating systems.

The research work of this cluster focuses on the assessment, development and optimization of energy installations under changing conditions. Calculations and simulations are carried out with the aid of established commercial and self-developed software solutions.Activities on this basis for the assessment and target orientated optimization are including technical and economical criteria’s to the same extent. A wide range of methodological approaches for analysis and optimization techniques are used. Additional the research focuses on the full operational range, and includes in particular questions about the load operation, operating history and stress components under specific operating conditions.

Using this as the basis not only the technical challenges of different concepts and technologies on a system- and component-level can be identified, but also economic possibilities for market penetration an energy economical business models can be evaluated from the operator or component suppliers point of view. The result is a comprehensive picture of the technological perspectives and market opportunities of the thermal power plant technology in the increasingly complex conditions of modern power systems.

Solar thermal plant