The research cluster “wind” is concerned mainly with the development of guidelines and technologies in the fields of structural engineering and grid connection of wind turbines.

Currently guidelines for “hot-climate locations” are developed and in the field of structural engineering a priority is on tower structure research. In the field of grid connection, the main research focus is concerned with the grid connection conditions and the interactions between wind turbines and the grid.

Another theme is knowledge transfer realized through presentations, research and training projects as well as publications and consulting services for companies and organizations, especially in the wind energy sector.

The wind cluster is represented by the institute for wind energy technology. The “Wind Energy Technology Institute (Weti)” is a foundation institution, which is funded by the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, the Innovation Foundation of Schleswig-Holstein and a group of companies in the wind sector. The homepage of the Institute is accessible here:

The Institute’s main focus is on the cooperation between university and industry. The main tasks are the training of qualified students, the implementation of applied research and the knowledge transfer. Study-work in companies enhances cooperation between the University of Flensburg and other universities with industry partners.

Theses can be viewed here. The Weti organizes national and international collaboration with universities, companies and organizations for the wind energy sector.