INTERREG4A Large Scale Bio Energy Lab

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    Project term:

    01.10.2011 to 31.12.2014


    Bio Mass

    Project leader:


    Jürgensen, Lars; Laros, Simon

    Head partner:

    Aalborg University, Esbjerg

    The goal of the project is the development and testing of technical, economic and ecologically sustainable solutions for the application of biomass specifically in biogas plants and in bio-refinery environments (companies that are converting plant-based material and waste products into energy) in the region. On both sides of the German-Danish border an increasing use of biomass for technical and especially energetic purposes is being observed. The different approaches on both sides of the border provide a good basis for the development of new collective solutions for the generation of energy, new energy products and other high grade products.

    The high density of bio energy plants in the region, approximately 300, is not only a significant factor of income but also brings new challenges for the development of novel solutions to address technical, economic, ecological and social problems, which result from this high density and therefore resulting in contrary and synergetic effects. The large number of bio-energy plants is also an important factor for the creation of linkages to other renewable energy sources and thus to better grid utilization on both sides of the border.

    The project, together with the FURGY Network forms the basis for a transnational network of those politically, economically and socially involved on both sides of the border, to identify similar problems, to test possible solutions and to demonstrate their commercial practicability. The network leads stakeholder from the Universities, bio-energy plants as well as manufacturers together and therefore binds the industries from both sides of the border.

    This project should not only lead to the strengthening of economic results, but also make the region a leader in the field of innovative production of bio-energy and by this creating a Large Scale Bioenergy Lab.