Masterplan 100 % Klimaschutz - Flensburg

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    Project term:

    07.2012 to 06.2013


    Climate Protection

    Project leader:


    Jahn, Martin; Kovac, Emöke; Laros, Simon; Maas, Helge
    • First or third-party funded

      Third-party funded. Funded by the National Climate Protection Initiative of the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Security. Co-financed by the city of Flensburg.


    Following the creation of an integrated climate protection concept for the city of Flensburg, Flensburg University develops a Master Plan 100% Climate Protection. The city of Flensburg together with the Klimapakt Flensburg works towards the goal to decrease CO2 emissions by 100% by the year 2050 compared to those in 1990. In addition, it is verified whether a reduction in energy demand by 50% in Flensburg in the same timeframe is possible.

    In order to reach this ambitious long-term goal, it is essential that green house gas emissions in all areas of public and private activities are continually reduced. It is without doubt possible that in a timeframe of 40 years the necessary measures at the local level can be carried out successfully, thus contributing to solving the global problem of climate change. The prerequisite for this development is that the Flensburg citizens, companies and organizations work together to achieve this goal. Therefore, the implementation of climate protection measures will begin after a one-year design phase. It will be funded for duration of three years.