Integrated Climate Protection Concept Flensburg

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    Project term:

    10.2010 to 09.2011


    Climate Protection

    Project leader:


    Kovac, Emöke; Maas, Helge
    • Single or third party funded project

      Third party funded project. Funded through the National Climate Protection Initiative of the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. Co-financed through the city of Flensburg and the Klimapakt Flensburg e.V.

    During the period of one year the University of Flensburg completed an Integrated Climate Protection Concept for the city of Flensburg. The city of Flensburg and the Klimapakt Flensburg were working together to achieve the aim of reducing CO2 emissions by 30% (compared to the year 1990) by 2020. Moreover, the concept aims at achieving CO2 neutrality by the year 2050. In the form of a detailed action plan, the concept shows the best way to achieve CO2 neutrality from today? perspective. The following was investigated in order to contribute to the achievement of the objectives: who (which actors or groups?), when (at what time up to 2050), which (by implementing which measures?).

    In order to achieve the ambitious long-term goal, it is necessary to reduce green house gas emissions continuously in all areas of public and private life. It is possible over a period of 40 years to implement the necessary measures at the community level, thus making a contribution to solving the global problem of climate change. The course is set for this development involving the Flensburg citizens, businesses and organizations. For this purpose, in the context of 16 workshops over 200 people, over 50 companies and organizations and institutions were involved in this project.

    After a processing time of 12 months, the University of Fensburg provided the result of their work - as a final report before the city of Flensburg, the Klimapakt Flensburg and the public - the Integrated Climate Protection Concept.