Katharina Esterl

Contact data

Phone +49 461 805 3011
Fax +49 461 805 953011
Mail katharina.esterl [at] uni-flensburg.de
Street Auf dem Campus 1b
ZIP, City D-249 Flensburg
Department Interdisciplinary Institute for Environmental, Social and Human Sciences (Department Energy and Environmental Management)
Building Vilnius 1
Room VIL 106


University Europa-Universität Flensburg


Katharina Esterl studied Electrical Energy Systems Engineering (Bachelor) and Systems Engineering (Master) at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences. Since her bachelor's studies, she has been employed as a student assistant in the research projects "open_eGo" and "eGon". Those involve investigating the transformation of the energy system in Germany by modelling and optimisation. During her master's studies, Katharina was particularly concerned with reducing the spatial and temporal complexity of the models to be optimized. Katharina has been continuing her work in the field of energy system modelling as a research assistant at Flensburg University since May 2022.