Grace Quiceno Soto

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Mail grace.quiceno-soto [at]
Street Auf dem Campus 1b
ZIP, City D-24943 Flensburg
Department Interdisciplinary Institute for Environmental, Social and Human Sciences (Department Energy and Environmental Management)
Building Vilnius 1
Room VIL 109


University Europa-Universität Flensburg


Grace Quiceno Soto is a PhD student of the CoalExit group at the Technical University of Berlin. Her PhD focuses on evaluating the impacts of the just energy transition on the labour market and related skills, through an analysis of the "energy transition" in Colombia. She has majored in the energy transition, renewable energy, technological change, modelling and simulation, scenario analysis, energy efficiency, policy and regulation, and recently she is most interested in innovation, structural change and just energy transition. She holds a degree as an International Business Professional and a master’s degree in Engineering – Sustainable Energy Management.

Sie was part of the project "Challenges and Opportunities of the Closure of Termocartagena" and managed the dialogue with employees and trade unionists.