AC Power Flow Simulations within an Open Data Model of a High Voltage Grid

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    The development of transparent and reproducible electricity grid models displays a scientific challenge, mainly due to a lack of data transparency in grid economy. This paper presents a modelling method based on Open Data and Open Source. It is focused on a model of the high voltage grid of the German federal state Schleswig-Holstein. The developed model enables to perform static AC power flow simulations. Topological OpenStreetMap information is combined with literature assumptions of typical line data. Generation capacities were assigned to the grid buses using freely available registers. The demand was allocated to these buses using the correlating distribution of population. The results of the AC power flow simulations respectively bus voltages and line currents for different worst-case scenarios are presented, analysed and discussed. The results show the potential of scientific electricity grid modelling using Open Data and Open Source. Realistic grid congestion within the high voltage grid of Schleswig-Holstein was identified and can base for further discussion. For a comprehensive validation of the simulated results relevant data need to be opened for the public.