DiaMo-Sylt - Insularer Dialogprozess Mobilität

    • The project consists of a scientifically and moderately supported dialogue process to develop a cross-municipal, sustainable future vision for the mobility sector as a contribution to a climate-neutral Sylt 2045, taking into account the economic conditions of a tourism-oriented economy.

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    Project term:

    01.11.2021 to 31.10.2022


    System Integration, Climate Protection

    Project leader:

    Oei, Pao-Yu; Rieve, Catharina

    Collaboration with:

    Dr. Catharina Bayerlein, Landschaftszweckverband Sylt, Agora Verkehrswende

    In order to achieve the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 °C as defined in the Paris Climate Agreement, the climate-friendly and environmentally friendly transformation of all sectors is essential. Despite numerous ideas, the transport sector can be described as a 'problem child' of the necessary transformation processes, since emissions in Germany have stagnated here since 1990. On the island of Sylt, the topic is of particular relevance, since in addition to the topic of climate protection, there are further challenges due to the limited area and the tourism-related strong seasonal fluctuations in the volume of traffic. Despite already existing concepts for the island of Sylt, there is a lack of concrete solutions. A central hurdle in the implementation of the existing concepts and the suggestions contained therein is the island situation. In particular, it is about the question of which topics are to be treated as overall insular topics and thus to be coordinated across municipalities, and which topics the individual municipalities can work on independently of one another. In addition to the sometimes different interests of the respective communities, the economic as well as ecological interests must be taken into account. The project addresses a clearly identifiable gap between existing plans in the area of ​​traffic planning on the one hand, and the real status of implementation on the other. In order to enable the implementation of concrete solutions, the project relies on a dialogue process between the relevant actors on the island. This process is strongly centered around the municipal decision-makers and thus forms an internally developed basis for solutions in the area of ​​the mobility transition and serves the overarching goal of climate protection. The aim of the dialogue is 1) to identify and delimit common fields of action and 2) to develop concrete, jointly supported, economically and ecologically sustainable solutions for island mobility on Sylt, which can be converted into an implementation plan.