TRAJECTS - Transnational Centre for Just Transitions in Energy, Climate & Sustainability

    • The Transnational Centre for Just Transitions in Energy, Climate and Sustainability- TRAJECTS is one of the four DAAD-funded Global Climate and Environment Centres. Its aim is to support and strengthen transcontinental exchange, research, and education on transitions towards a sustainable future. Given the complexity of these issues, TRAJECTS groups a large diversity of expertise and actors, offering local as well as transnational answers and perspectives towards just transitions.

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    Project term:

    01.05.2021 to 31.12.2025


    System Integration, Climate Protection

    Project leader:


    Chinye-Ikejiunor, Ifechukwude; Corral-Montoya, Felipe Alberto; Fernandez, William; Malz, Nicolas; Yanguas Parra, Paola Andrea

    The Transnational Centre for Just Transitions in Energy, Climate & Sustainability (TRAJECTS) will support and strengthen transcontinental exchange, research & education on transitions towards a sustainable future. Avoiding the worst consequences of climate change requires unprecedented global action to decarbonize global energy and economic systems, while re-carbonizing, protecting, and restoring natural ecosystems. Processes associated to Transitions towards Sustainability (e.g. coal phase-out, increased reforestation efforts, sustainable urban planning, etc.) show that, to reduce the risk of painful traumata for local communities and the national economy, proactive and inclusive policy planning and interventions are needed. 

    In that sense, TRAJECTS’ focus lies on climate change mitigation in the two focus areas of fossil-fuel phase-out and changes in land management and ecosystem protection. It will produce demand- and policy-oriented research and teaching on the two principal processes of socio-technical transitions (exnovation & innovation) with a deeply inter- and transdisciplinary approach that also allows for additional South-South-North exchange and capacity building.  

    TRAJECTS partners coincide in their shared interest on the different dimensions of two key transitions that must occur to mitigate the most important sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as well as of other environmental impacts, to enable a pathway towards a more sustainable future. With its three regional Hubs and global network of over 40 institutions in civil society, academia, think-tanks, public administration and business; TRAJECTS offers locally embedded, yet globally aware perspectives on the urgent transitions necessary to protect our shared climate and environment. The bilingual (English-Spanish) nature of TRAJECTS’ network eases cooperation with international actors from other DAAD centres, spanning an even bigger global community on this important topic. 

    Therefore, TRAJECTS aims to offer global analyses resulting from transcontinental research cooperation on solutions for these challenges, while integrating local insights by academic, as well as partners beyond the academic sphere in civil society, grassroots initiatives, businesses and public administration.