Georg Graser

Contact data

Mail georg.graser [at]
Street Auf dem Campus 1b
ZIP, City D-24943 Flensburg
Department Interdisciplinary Institute for Environmental, Social and Human Sciences (Department Energy and Environmental Management)
Building Vilnius 1
Room VIL 110


University Europa-Universität Flensburg


Georg Graser has been working in the technical and administrative area at Europa Universität Flensburg since December 2021. There he supports the junior research group "EnSu - The role of energy sufficiency in energy transition and society" with programming tasks. Until 2019, Georg studied informatics at the Technical University of Ilmenau and was then a research assistant in the "data-intensive-systems-and-visualization-group" for the research project "Flora Incognita" for one year. He has been working in independent youth work since 2020.