Voltage dips compensation by wind farm(s) equipped with power converters as decoupling device

    • 11th European conference on power electronics and applications
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    Arnold, G. ; Heier, S. ; Saiju, Rajesh

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    The percentage of the variation of the state variables voltage and frequency determines the quality of a grid. In the medium voltage grid, the sudden connection and disconnection of the heavy loads or by power fluctuations of generation units causes voltage dips. During such changes, grid stability can be insured through additional active and reactive power contribution. It is very important to investigate whether wind farm(s) could contribute to improve grid condition through simulation methods. Due to the variation in wind speed, the available power from the wind farm(s) varies also, which supplies fluctuating state variables. It means that direct connection of the wind farm(s) can lead to grid instability. In such circumstances, the decoupling between the state variables of the wind farm(s) and the grid is essential. The application of power converters in WTG makes it possible to decouple the WTG speed from the grid frequency. At the same time, the state variables can be independently controlled. This paper presents the voltage dips compensation by wind farm(s) equipped with power converters through the models based upon Matlab-Simulink. Many different sizes of the wind farms are formed and simulated with different nature of loads to get an over-all impression